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Discover Actimove®, Essity's innovative brand
of orthopedic soft goods and braces.

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New Performance-Based Actimove®

From our very first steps, all of life’s precious moments are supported by movement. Throughout our entire lives, great movement gives us the confidence to truly be ourselves and get the most out of each and every day. That’s why every aspect of Actimove® is fully dedicated to supporting mobility and the joy of movement, with products designed by medical experts according to functional performance-based biomechanics. With the full support of Actimove®, you can confidently step back into an active and joyful life.

Key Features

Keep Cool with COOLMAX® AIR

COOLMAX® Technology has specially designed fibers that transport moisture away from your body to the surface of the fabic where it evaportates. If the temperature is high or you’re being active, garments made with COOLMAX® AIR fibers help keep you cool, dry and comfortable longer.


COOLMAX® AIR is a trademark of The LYCRA company

Knee stabilizer

Perforated Performance Material

Perforated neoprene-free layers offer openings for moisture management.

Perforated Performance Material

Anatomical Fit

Anatomical shape supported by a patterned design for a good fit.

Anatomical Fit
Anatomical Fit

New Supporting Products

Scroll through all of our braces to help support injuries or to prevent re-injury.

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Wrist stabilizer
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Knee support
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Who We Are

We are proud to be part of Essity, a leading global hygiene and health company. The name originates from 'everyday essentials and necessities'.

Our orthopedic soft goods and bracing products offer solutions to people who prefer not to let pain, temporary physical injuries or degenerative conditions affect their active lifestyle.